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Sports bets in Nigeria 2021

I was thinking about what to do About ten years ago I added value and decided to invest in the stock market, but before I knew everything I had to know I talked about it with a friend and neighbor and got an answer to the question: why don’t you invest in soccer? At first I was surprised and immediately noticed that this is a game of chance, and it all depends on luck.

To my surprise, this neighbor was a statistician, one of the best and most famous sports betting specialists in Brazil. Since then I have been a player, a player, I created my blog, I helped some companies to enter the Brazilian market, and now I am the business relations manager of the Portuguese brand for Brazil, Vivagol, BET Entertainment Technologies Lda.

Brand, Bet owner. pt and market leader in Portugal. In terms of academic experience, I work as a CBA Sports Management and Marketing Lawyer, PhD student in Soccer Business and I am completing my Master in Sports Management.


They have extensive experience in the sports betting market.

What changes have you noticed in the industry from 2009 to 2019? The first difference is the popularization of betting in Brazil. While it is still considered a gray market, there are already many brands in the Brazilian market at the moment. More than half of Serie A clubs already sponsor their jerseys with bookmakers, and in Serie B this number is only increasing. In 2009, there were only a few companies here, which, with rare exceptions, were limited to television advertising.

Television itself has changed its paradigm when it comes to gambling. Traditional media groups like Globo tend to have programming, although indirectly related to sports betting, at least on pay channels. Despite all this development, the Brazilian consumer remains a newcomer. in this market and must constantly evolve. How big is this market for non-sports bettors? And what are the biggest challenges for bookmakers?

This is a huge market that revolves around billions of dollars moving all over the world. To give you an idea, based on the only FGV study of this market in Brazil, which should have a good five years, it was estimated that at that time they were moving around R $ 4 billion, according to some estimates.

It is possible that the Brazilian market after regulation moves between 10 and 15 billion dollars a year.

I think the biggest challenge for this industry will be to maintain the growth that has been seen in recent years. Many regulators in Europe are imposing stricter rules on advertising, one of the industry’s main assets. For your understanding, Italy has banned the sponsorship of gambling companies and Spain has further tightened restrictions on advertising.

The biggest challenge will be finding creative ways to reach as many consumers as possible, while the limitations will grow. Given the extensive experience in the Brazilian and Portuguese markets, what are the three main differences and similarities in sports betting? three, but most of all, I think three is a good number. Culture first. There is a game with something cultural in Portuguese.

The first casino license in Portugal is almost a century old and the game has been around for at least two centuries. In Brazil, we had a lot of problems. This meant that the activity was seen as something insignificant, and not as a source of taxes and entertainment. Another aspect is regulation. Particularly when it comes to sports betting, Portugal has a very strictly regulated environment that is sometimes a bit too strict, but there is a rule. This is essential for the development of a healthy and competitive market.


Brazil passed a sports betting law in 2018, but has since postponed the publication of the ruling, creating uncertainty for investors and the climate.

Finally the size. Portugal is a country with a population of only 10 million. The market is very small and can mature. Brazil now remains somewhat unknown. It is estimated that not even 10% of the market has been explored here. There are more differences than similarities in Portugal and Brazil. He recently assumed a new position at Bet Entertainment Technologies at VivaGol. Can you tell us something about your role?

Who are your main clients? I work as Commercial Relations Manager at Vivagol for Brazil. Basically my job is to understand how the Brazilian market will behave, find the best deals to increase brand awareness, work closely with the marketing department on brand strategies, and coordinate our sponsorship and contractual agreements with clubs.. Avai and Figueirense, as well as influencers like José Aldo and Carlos Alberto.

In addition to his roles at Bet Entertainment, running the BetZilian.com blog and director at ABAESP, he also has his own agency, VX Comunicação. What do you do at VX Comunicação? VX Comunicação is an advertising agency that has existed for almost 20 years, in Brazil we have important clients such as Grupo Globo, pharmaceutical companies such as ASPEN and Farmoquímica, and Minha Mãe é Uma Peça, one of the biggest box office hits in national cinema.