I am a partner of a company in Portugal, an invitation that

I received and accepted with affection from my friend and CEO of VX, Leonardo Cianella. In Portugal, despite a short period of time, we have several successful examples such as cooperation with Kapten, Accenture, Keller Williams, Embelleze and other clients. Can you share 3 tips for anyone looking to start a sports career with a focus on the gambling business? The first and most obvious is that you are passionate about sports. Sports, especially soccer, have always been my passion.

I was a professional futsal and soccer player, like my brother, who was much more famous than me. This will be of great help when entering this market. Second: the search for knowledge. Get prepared. I am a lawyer, I have been working as a lawyer for 10 years. In 2014, I made the decision to leave the law firm to prepare to finally enter the industry. For this I completed my CBA, postgraduate course, now I am finishing my master’s degree and I took a series of courses in marketing and management.

And third: create a network.

There is no possibility in life without a relationship. Attend events, talk to people, ask questions, connect with them on LinkedIn. Your network of relationships is what you value most when looking for opportunities in the market. Basically there are three points: PASSION + SCIENCE + RELATIONSHIP = OPPORTUNITY. A final message for our audience? Always bet on you. Everyone called me crazy when in 2014 I decided to leave my law firm where I was a partner and had a very good portfolio of clients to specialize and work with what I like.

It was an extremely difficult decision from a professional and financial point of view, but he knew where he wanted to be. I trusted myself and always had the support of my family. During this time, I built my network of relationships and today I can say that I made the transition. Join like-minded sports fans to forge valuable connections, learn about the industry, and find your next career path.