While different states may promote sports betting in their jurisdictions

Interstate sports betting remains illegal under the Federal Telegraphic Communications Act, 18 USC, Section 1084. Until the law is repealed or amended, sports betting is limited to rates. This is one of the main reasons limiting the migration of illegal users from gambling sites abroad to legal sites within the country.

A recent statement from the Justice Department made the situation even more ambiguous, stating that the Cable Communications Act applies to any form of gambling that crosses state lines. When strictly enforced, this vision is broad and vague enough to disrupt many of the related activities in the gaming industry, such as payment processing and data transmission, and could jeopardize the infrastructure of online platforms. that operate legally in various states, including profit distribution and fiscal policy.

As the momentum to make sports betting a mainstream business gains traction, it will be difficult to establish a comprehensive regulatory framework that allows stakeholders to receive their rightful share of the revenue. From the aspect of cost sharing between betting sites and outside partners to professional leagues requiring a malicious license fee, many challenges remain in this area. The caveat is that this is still a fairly new industry and companies have time to develop the proper structure to distribute the revenue .. At the end of the day, everyone in the US sports betting market should come together and pave the way.

To follow. The sports betting market in the United States must evolve and improve in this new era, overcoming the temptation to make quick wins. The biggest of all initiatives could be to repeal or amend the Cable Communications Act to allow interstate gambling and encourage states to pass laws that ensure fairness and safety.

In addition, sports betting providers must provide reliable services, but also avoid things that may cause players to question their integrity. Investing in innovative and sustainable technology will help separate the winners from the losers. By creating advanced betting infrastructure and user-friendly experiences, consumers are drawn to illegal sports betting websites. Russell Karp, Vice President of Media and Entertainment, DataArt